Camp Bluebonnet

Camp Bluebonnet is a unique one week program of character building, sports, recreation, and the arts. In this welcoming environment of trust and adventure, it offers a well-rounded and well-organized curriculum and the personal attention of a dedicated staff. Learn More

Shellbourne Hospitality Services Center

Shellbourne Hospitality Services Center aims to teach young women the beauty and power of the work of the home, which by it's very nature contributes to the growth of individuals, the good of families, and society as a whole. Learn More

Avanti & Avant-Garde

Avanti will bring together girls entering into their freshman and sophomore years of High School to give themselves to those in need. This is done in a variety of ways including helping in nursing homes, food pantries, and more. The combination of service work and fun allows for personal growth and the development of deep friendships. Learn More

Soup Kitchen

Sheridan Training Program

The program invites young women ages 15-19 to work and train under the supervision of professionals and gain experience in hospitality and home management. Each session is filled with work, professional and cultural classes, sports and fun! Learn More

Film Set

Lights! Camera! Action! Program

Lights! Camera! Action is a Media-Literacy Leadership Program for Women Ages 17-22. Every summer, college women and high school seniors are brought together for a week-long workshop. What joins them is having a keen insight into the industry, an understanding that there’s something going on in movies, tv shows, and video games, besides entertainment. Learn More | Apply Now for Summer 2019!