Our heritage                                                                                                                                       -->courage to cross oceans and continents  to begin a new adventure,                                                                           -->perseverance to stick to a goal in the face of hardship,                                                                                                 -->apostolic fervor to bring the knowledge of God to those who did not know Him,                                                       -->generosity to raise families and build communities,                                                                                                       -->enthusiasm to share the culture of ones's ancestors with new generations

The stars of

--> truth,


-->beauty in Creation,  

-->mercy in personal relationships,

-->academic and professional excellence,  


-->integrity of character, sense of responsibility, determination of will


Riverdale Center is directed by Riverdale Foundation, Inc., a Texas non-profit corporation whose goal is to offer to women of all ages, creeds, and race a deeper understanding of their role in society.   Riverdale offers programs that both inspire and equip women of all ages in the greater San Antonio area to recognize, cultivate, develop and transmit the human and Christian values of their rich culture within their families and among their peers. With its family and educational programs, the participants will effect a positive change in and beyond their surroundings. The spiritual dimension of Riverdale is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church.


Any donations to help further these goals should be made out to Riverdale Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization, 13135 Hunters Spring, San Antonio, Texas 78230. 

To donate to Riverdale, click 'Donate' to be redirected to Paypal.

For more information, please contact us at: riverdalecenter13135@gmail.com.





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